Jake 2 weeks out from surgery

This is the closest picture I have to his actual surgery. That’s because I deleted others from my camera roll. When he came home his whole body was wrapped in this tight cloth. He had such a difficult time moving. He was throwing up and wouldn’t eat at all. It was very horrifying. I believe Jake is hypersensitive and the anesthesia messed with him. With no appetite I couldn’t get the antibiotics into him that he desperately needed. So he went back to the vets for another 5 days for IV dispensing of the medication. It was an extremely tough time but we got through it and here he is 2 weeks later.
Because of all this, I decided I didn’t want those pictures to remind me of that trying time!!

Growth returns within a couple of months

When the cancer regrowth was so rapid we knew we had to do something. The oncologist said radiation wasn’t an option due to the cancer being in the elbow, and because a soft tissue sarcoma is so aggressive. Jake’s veterinarian agreed. After much deliberation we decided to amputate the leg and give Jake a chance to enjoy life on 3. Our oncologist recommended Tripawds and I am so grateful I found you to help us through this!!