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4 thoughts on “Jake chippy patrol- 3 months post amp”

  1. I just had THE BEST TIME catching up oh Jake’s videos!! This dog is truly amazing!!
    Jake is proof positive a dog can .I’ve life to the fullest on three, and do everything that he enjoys doing with nothing holding him back!
    That tail wag as he’s diggng and the fact that he’s strong enough to chew through the roots and almost topple that stump….OMD!!! Jake is truly a Tripawd RockStar!

    And the way Jake tackles his toy with such joy and focus….love this!

    I think Jake could almost climb that tree where the Chippers were hiding….or thought they were hiding! The height that Jake got as he was almost climbing up that tree was phenomenal!!
    Jake clearly was a fit athlete before amputation, and I think he’s even moreso now!! He has honed his skills on three like an Olympian Champion

    Tha ks for sharing these inspiring videos. Jake has already made his mark here as a Legendary Tripawd SuperDog!!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. Thanks Sally for your kind words! We are thrilled that Jake is happy. I’ll try to keep a blog to post his journey. Thanks for all of your support!

  3. Wooooaaaaah look out chippies, Jake’s determined to say hello!

    Connie, I’m gonna play bad cop for a sec, hope you don’t mind. I know it’s hard not to let Jake be a dog, I felt exactly like that with our Tripawds Jerry and Wyatt. But we see a lot of TPLO surgeries here on remaining hind limbs of Tripawd dogs. It’s THE most common surgery, and recovery is not fun. WOrst part is that once one legs blows out, the other one does soon afterward. The good news is you can take steps to prevent it, by keeping his crazy antics like that to a minimum. Of course he’s gonna do it, but the sooner you can put the reigns on it the better it will be for him in the long run. He’s got a ton of years ahead of him, plenty of time for sqwirrel patrol right?!

    OK off my soap box.

  4. Thanks Renee! I need all the help I can get. I’ll have to google that surgery, I’m not exactly sure what it is. I guess I need to be more careful with him. He just yesterday ran a long way in the woods to find me when walking with a friend. I left him home because it would be too tough on him and the minute my husband let him out the door he came and found us. Not good!

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